Guidelines for the Contributors

The author(s) should submit two copies of the manuscript in English, typedin 12 point Times New Roman font in double-space with 1.5 inch margin on all sides on A-4 size bond paper, should be submitted with a soft copy in CD in PC compatible MS-word document format. CD is not required if the manuscript is emailed at arashismdr@gmail.com or arash@ismdr.in however, in this case two hard copies of manuscripts have to be sent separately.

The manuscript should be accompanied by a cover page comprising of paper title, author(s), full name, affiliation(s), phone numbers, e-mail and correspondence address. The name of the author(s) should not be used anywhere in the paper except the cover page. The author should provide confirmation that the article is the original work of the author(s). It has not been earlier published,copyrighted, accepted or under review elsewhere.Also the author has to assign all the copyright relating to the article to ARASH A Journal of ISMDR.

The paper should be about 5000-6000 words in lengthincluding figures and tables. A non-mathematical abstract of about 150 words with five key words should be submitted. No references have to be added in the abstract.

All figures, diagrams, charts and tables should be on separate papers and numbered in a single sequence in the order in which they are referred to in the paper. Wherever necessary, the sources should be indicated at the bottom. Please mention their number at appropriate places within the text.Minimize the number of Tables and figures to 3 or 4.

The references must be quoted in the text using APA style of referencing. References should be cited at the end of the manuscript in alphabetical order by author's name. The list should mention only those sources cited in the text of the manuscript. Do not divide the list into different sections. The order of information should be as in the following example:


Brooks, Chris.(2002). Introductory Econometric for Finance. Cambridge University Press, UK, 50-52.

Book Chapters
Rao, Nageshwar (1992), Privatise Public Enterprises in India, in Prakash. J. (ed), Privatization of Public Enterprises in India, Mumbai, Himalya Publishing House, p 212.

Journal Papers
Fama, F. Eugene. (1970). Efficient Capital Markets: A Review of Theory & Empirical Work. Journal of Finance, 25(2), 383-417.

Conference Paper
Frelier, Christa.(1986). Privatization and Commercialization.Paper presented in New Era of Voluntarism Conference at Toronto.

Unpublished Dissertations/Theses
Srivastava, Vinay K. (2005). Disinvestment in Public Enterprises of India, Thesis, University of Allahabad, Allahabad

Polykhov, Alexander. (1990). Everything for Sale, New Times, October 2-8, p-31.

Srivastava, Vinay K. (2008), Employee retention By way of Management Control Systems, Ubiquity Volume 9, Issue 16, viewed on 14 January 2011, http://acm.org/ubiquity

The Editors reserve the right to accept or refuse the paper for publication, and they are under no obligation to assign reasons for their decision. The authors will receive a complimentary copy of the issue in which their paper appears.

The editors and publishers of the journal shall not, in any way be responsible for the views expressed by the authors.

The works published in the Journal cannot be reproduced or reprinted in any form, without the prior permission of the Managing Editor.
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